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Can You Buy Marijuana Online & Ship It In A Legal State?
If you are lucky enough to be living in a state where marijuana is legal then it would logically seem like you
could have it just sent to you since your state does not consider it illegal. Also, you would think well I
could use a shipper other than USPS someone like FedEx or UPS or maybe a Courier service.

Shipping Marijuana With USPS – Since the United States Postal service is a federal entity and since MMJ is
still considered illegal federally you would be breaking the law even in a legal state.
Shipping MMJ With UPS, FedEx or A Courier Service – Most of these shippers also follow federal law and prohibit
the shipping of anything that is federally illegal. Now they may just refuse to ship your package if they
suspect something but they are also just as likely to call the police. A local courier might seem like a
logical choice but most states that have legalized marijuana have rules against purchasing cannabis unless it
is on the retail premises of a licenses retailer only.

Cannabis Delivery Services Exist In Some States – In some states like in Arizona for example where medical
cannabis use has become legal, delivery services will deliver your cannabis right to your door! Now they still
require you to verify that you are able to purchase legally by asking you to send pictures of your medical card
and a picture ID. This is currently the only legal way we know of to have your pot delivered to you legally.

So can you buy marijuana online?
Yes, you can but not legally even in states where it is legal the shipping of it can have consequences you
might not want to deal with. I know there is stealth packaging and smell proof containers as well as packaging
in mylar to prevent x-ray but is it really worth it in the event things go sideways? We say no it really is
not. Our federal government is still very serious about treating marijuana like a drug with no medicinal values
and until it is legalized federally shipping it will continue to be where the downfall of buying weed online
will lie.

Canada & Buying Cannabis Online
If you are in Canada then you are fortunate enough to not have the issues that Americans have with buying your
pot online. There are credible sites that will ship to any Canadian postal address and it’s all nice and legal.
One such online seller is buds2go.

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Hopefully someday in the near future, our government will realize that marijuana has many medicinal uses as
well as even being used recreationally is less harmful than the legal drug alcohol. Join NORML and other like-
minded organizations. write your congressman and urge them to legalize!

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